Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas List

Christmas is almost here!
Here are a few suggestions for you and some things that are on my personal wish list this year as well. 

Maria Forde is a illustrator + Artist who lives in San Francisco, Ca. 
This year I am commissioning her to do a portrait of me. 
I LOVE Maria's work.
See it HERE

I am in love with this detailed cuff by Dream Collective.
 It's a nice piece to wear with an understated outfit.
Get it HERE.

My favorite makeup item has always been BLUSH
It makes you look awake and younger. I'm very excited to try Nars new shade "G-Spot".
It looks real, real pretty. 

Silk pillow cases are SO luxurious!
They look super pretty on a bed and they are also good for your skin. 
Get some HERE.

I love hot sauce on everything! Marie Sharp's is my new favorite.
The sauce is carrot based and has a unique and amazing flavor.

Secret Shop is FULL of fun and unique gifts for men & women. 
Here is a lovely patterned batik travel bag. 
Perfect for year round. 

I am a very loyal fan of Repetto.
They have the best simple and timeless shoes for everyday wear. 
Looooove them. 

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season. 

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